Orbitz To Return! (UPDATED)

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Jul 11th, 2013

Accordorbitzing to Clearly Canadian’s Facebook page, “we have recieved so many requests for Orbitz we are looking into a nostalgia run for late 2014….“. This was in response to a question posed by Kara Davis, who wrote in to ask if Orbitz would ever be coming back and if it could still be purchased online.

Before the Internet travel site snatched up the name and domain, Orbitz was an unusal soft drink introduced in 1997 by Clearly Canadian. The beverages were fruit flavored and featured small floating balls that were seemingly suspended in the liquid.

According to its Wikipedia page:

The small balls floated due to their nearly equal density to the surrounding liquid, and remained suspended with assistance from an ingredient known as gellan gum. The gellan gum provided a support matrix—something like a microscopic spider web–and had a visual clarity approaching that of water, which increased with the addition of sugar.

Sales were less than stellar, and Orbitz disappeared from store shelves completely about a year later. It’s since become something of a cult-favorite. Soda collectors seek out bottles on Ebay (a full Orbitz bottle will typically sell for $15-$20) and surprisingly, the small balls contained within still seem to be suspended in the liquid, perpetually floating, even 16 years later.

It sounds like the return of Orbitz would be a limited-time offering, and I’ve reached out to Clearly Canadian to try and get more information about their plans. I’ll update this post if/when that happens.

 UPDATE: 7/11/13

Clearly Canadian has responded to Fizzled Out with a little more information on their plans for Orbitz. While nothing is certain and plans are tentative,  the idea would be for a small production run to satisfy those who feel nostalgic for the beverage. If it sells well, Orbitz would return annually as a special limtited-time offer.

From Clearly Canadian:

If we feel there is a sustainable amount we could run, say 5,000 cases a year or something – which is very very small as you know, 1 to 2 semi truck loads – we could do that. Time will tell. We are mega-swamped at present on lobbying all US retailers to assist Clearly Canadian in returning to the US.

Suffice, I would imagine first a legacy nostalgia run and if its solid, then we could do a small annual run. No idea on the flavors at this time.

As for the immediate future, it seems Clearly Canadian is focusing its attention on getting retailers in the US to carry their current line-up.

If you would like Clearly Canadian and/or Orbitz to return in your area, Clearly Canadian urges you to

“let your favorite big box retailers and grocers know you would love for them to carry Clearly Canadian again – every voice, especially in the US, matters and helps”.



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